Building power in Appalachia

with communities most disproportionately affected by health inequities, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folk, those in rural areas & those with low income.


Who We Are

Holler Health Justice is a BIPOC- & queer-led racial, economic & reproductive justice nonprofit in West Virginia.


What We Do

From abortion funding to harm reduction, we provide mutual aid to Appalachians most in need.


“If Hailey hadn’t heard about Holler Health Justice from a friend who had an abortion, she said her life would have been ruined... 'If it wasn’t for them I would have had no choice but to have that child because I had no support... They don’t ask questions, they just help you.'"


"Holler Health Justice is a volunteer-run abortion fund that provides everything from practical support—like advice on car rides and plane tickets—to a herculean amount of coordination to ensure people make it to their appointments... 'Whether Roe exists or not... there’s still going to be the same need for us.'"


"Holler Health Justice combines the experiences and passions of its leaders. In addition to practical services and abortion funding, Gaffin and Calloway tell their stories to help people feel less alone... 'Whatever happens with Roe v. Wade, we will still be here. You can’t stop us.'"


"The intersectional work happening in the reproductive justice movement includes groups like... Holler Health Justice — a BIPOC and queer-led reproductive justice group that provides education, mutual aid, free emergency contraception, and abortion help to rural and low-income communities in Appalachia."

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