ID Obtainment & Voter Engagement

Holler Health Justice​ provides identification (ID) obtainment and voter registration support services to BIPOC, rural, queer, and underhoused West Virginians. Need an ID? Reach out to us here.

What happens when people don't have an ID?

Without ID, people can be trapped in a vicious cycle of not being able to access basic necessities and resources available to them. Want medical care? A job? A place to live? A bank account? Disability or other benefits? You need an ID.

How does Holler Health Justice help people get IDs?

Getting an ID can require multiple proofs of identity or permanent residence—like Social Security cards or birth certificates—in addition to associated fees and multiple visits to various offices. Holler Health Justice helps West Virginians navigate the bureaucratic, logistical, and financial obstacles to obtaining an ID.

In addition to obtaining ID, Holler Health Justice also helps West Virginians register to vote!


To vote in West Virginia, folks must be previously registered to vote in the state, as well as show an un expired ID at the polls (can be non-photo). Learn more about West Virginia's voter ID rules, including which IDs are accepted, at